Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend Work and Play

Taylor had to work until noon on Saturday and then we went to the Giants game.  Sometimes you just have to make sure the birds, bees and garden are taken care of, and then split and enjoy a few hours off the compound.

Sunday was all business.  We woke up, ate a good breakfast, and then got to work.  Taylor is working on tweaking the chicken's gang plank that leads them out of their coop.  I went straight to poop duty, layed down more leaf litter under the coop, weeded the vegetable garden, and installed the second hive box for the first honey bee colony.  Then Taylor and I built the fourth "U" for our composting system.  We will probably build a fifth "U", that way we will never again have any type of kitchen scraps build up, which was a problem we had before.  So all in all, we had a nice balance of work and play this weekend.

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