Monday, May 9, 2011

Update on my lovely little chickens

The chickens are doing well, growing every day in front of my eyes.  The latest news is that Isabeau, the smallest of the flock and the bottom level of the pecking order, has taken it upon herself to be the protector of the flock.  This duty includes chasing off every black bird and blue jay that land anywhere near her, and also to chase off the occasional feline passerbyer (poor Jasper).  It has to be one of the funniest things to see, a chicken running full-steam ahead, not quite waddling, but not exactly the most graceful act.  Either way, I love to see my flock roaming free, stopping in an indentation in the ground and taking a dirt bath, scratching and pecking their way through their day.  It really makes me think of the billions of chickens stuck in tiny cages in the egg laying factories, and how they never get to experience the joy of a dirt bath, or hanging out with their flock in the shade.  One more thing to be grateful for, the awareness this adventure is bringing to my life.
Isabeau is a Tiger-Striped Ameracauna.  I think she looks like a hawk, which is why I named her after LadyHawk, the movie.  She will eventually lay green eggs.

The Pretty Protector

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