Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hot Compost!

After admitting to my dereliction of compost duties, Taylor and I got the system going full-time.  We spent an hour collecting the yard waste around the property and made sure we had enough "brown" material.  Taylor took the truck last week and brought home the full compost bin from the restaurant he works at.  The full bin was a week's worth of great "green" material;  I am a true believer that the more diverse the kitchen scraps are, the better the compost will be.  Taylor turned the pile two days ago and when I checked the temperature yesterday, it was 165 degrees!!!  The pile is breaking down very quickly and tomorrow, Taylor is bringing home another full compost bin of kitchen scraps, which will start a new 'build' pile. 
Another project that Taylor is heading is making compost tea in an wine cask.  Compost tea is created my steeping the compost in water and then using that "tea" to fertilize our plants and herbs.  More to come on that project. 

That is our hot pile cooking at a steaming 160 degrees!

Coming Soon, Compost Tea
I have to go empty our third 'U' of its compost, fill up the containers with it, and open the space for the turning of the 'hot' pile.  Off to get dirty!

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