Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year

I can't believe it's been over a month since I have posted.  Life has been so incredibly crazy these past couple of months, but now that we are in the new year of 2012, I can finally take a deep breath a do a little reflecting.

I have started a new job in a wonderful 5th grade classroom.  I have 24 great students and am really excited about everything they are going to teach me about being an effective teacher.  I know that may sound backwards, but it seems to be the way it works in these early years of my chosen profession.

The chickens are doing well.  A few just finished molting and I am surprised at the number of eggs we are getting every day, about seven.  Unfortunately a couple of them have learned they can fly up to the garden gate and over the fence into the garden.  I have found Big Spoon on more than one occasion cruising through my swiss chard patch and enjoying the greens like I planted them for her.  It's not the worst thing in the world considering my winter garden is pretty uneventful right now.

The one colony of bees is doing well.  We are experiencing a very warm January so far, and they are out foraging on the nectar of winter bloomers, like our azaleas and rosemary.  I am grateful that we have one colony left.

In this new year and a time when resolutions are made, I refer to my dear friend Mike and what his view on resolutions is.  This year, with every resolution I make, it will start with the word more, not less:
More Water, More Fresh Air, More Reading, More Running, More Activity, More Patience, More Time With Friends, More Music, More Smiling, More Living.

Happy New Year everybody!