Monday, June 13, 2011

Restructuring the Garden

I decided it was time to restructure the garden a little bit.  I pulled up one of the two rows of the bell peppers that are taking up prime real estate and taking forever to grow and planted half of the row soy beans and the other half a red eye bean named Saint-Esprit à Oeil Rouge Bush Bean.  I then pulled up the row of pickling cucumbers that have been struggling through this cool Spring and planted a row of beets.  I am thinking I am going to move them into a new row tomorrow.  I will also be planting the two types of squash I have, Straightneck and Pom de Or.  I also have some Straight Eight Cucs that are going in, and I have to find some space for my purple fava beans.  Looks like I'll be getting my hands dirty tomorrow.  Can't wait!


  1. Restructuring is a high risk taking job especially in the term of nature or garden.

  2. Pulling up the crops that didn't do well because they are more warm-weather vegetables and putting in some varieties that will thrive doesn't seem like a high risk job to me.