Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Is That The Sun I See?

As I am writing this from northern California, it has felt more like Oregon these past weeks with all of the gray and rain.  I am not complaining though as my decade in the Pacific Northwest hardened me to the lack of sunshine lifestyle, however, I am very happy to see the blue sky and sunshine today.  The garden greens have been enjoying the cooler weather and I have been harvesting delicious and tender lettuce and chard for weeks now.  Unfortunately, I planted the cucumbers and bell peppers way too early and they have stalled due to lack of warmer temperatures.  I am a fairly new gardener, so it's a good lesson learned.  The tomato plants are positioned on the back decks where it gets the most sunshine, or ambient sunshine lately and they are going crazy.  Pictures to come.  Tomorrow I will be checking in with the bees for the first time since I put on the second hive box, called a super.  I will be painting the third and fourth supers a shade of light yellow, appropriately named "Touch of Honey".  I will do this so in future seasons I know which supers are for the queen to lay her eggs in, the first two hive boxes, and then the third and fourth supers, which will be light yellow, will be for honey only.  Pictures to come.


  1. Hi! Found your blog just looking around, since I have recently started a blog about beginning my backyard farm! I live in Wilmington NC, so we need some of that rain you just got! Look forward to reading more!

  2. Hey Meredith, I just checked out your blog, nice zucchini!! And we did the same thing with using recycled material to build the chicken coop. My friend lives out in Southport and is going to school in Wilmington. Nice part of the country! Happy gardening.