Thursday, June 2, 2011


I read this post on Mo Farm's blog and really was engaged and inspired by the information.  I was so into that I copied and put it on my blog as a way to get the message out to more people.

"The sad and scary fact is that, despite having plentiful resources on our planet, far too many people are hungry.  Oxfam has launched a new international campaign called GROW which aims to build a better, fairer food system.  Awesome!"

According to Oxfam:

We’ve reached a turning point. Here’s what we need to do, starting now, to grow food and justice without wrecking the planet:
• Increase the productivity, self-reliance, and economic opportunity of small-scale farmers, especially women, who depend on agriculture for income and food.
• Increase farmers’ access to resources like water and land,
and make sure they don’t have to unfairly compete with big companies for ownership of these resources.
• Increase farmers’ preparedness in the face of more-frequent and more-extreme droughts, floods, and storms.
• Modernize our food aid programs so they are more effective,
efficient, and fiscally responsible, improving the global
response to natural disasters and food crises.
• Hold governments and businesses accountable for the impacts of their policies and practices on global food security.

For the full fact sheet of information,  click here


  1. Hi Mary - thanks for the re-post! I'm thrilled to hear about the project, and hope that our enthusiasm will spread as far and wide as possible. Cheers!

  2. Thanks Kris! There was a moment that I thought perhaps you wouldn't appreciate me cruising your blog and obsconding with the post, but that's just silly! Hope your tomato days went well!