Friday, June 3, 2011

Compost Competition, Here We Come!

Taylor and I decided to enter our "black gold chickity doo-doo" compost into the  County Fair this year.  I was perusing the Fair's website and saw they had a new category, backyard compost.  There are two classes, Worm Bin Composting and Compost Heaps, and since I released all my red wigglers into the garden and compost piles, the compost heaps will be our category.  Taylor made a sifter so we can now sift the compost, removing the larger sticks and debris out of the goods, leaving nothing but fluffy, earthy goodness.  I have actually been going around to various grocery stores, coffee joints (for the coffee grounds)  and other places of business asking them to throw away their kitchen scraps into a bin I give them and then I make the rounds and pick them up.  It's a good way to keep our build pile growing and the variety of scraps makes for even better compost.  Plus, I am excited to read the notes from the judges regarding our compost, finding out what a more professional opinion of our product is.  I mean, I know it's the bomb compost, but I'm curious to find out if the judges will think so as well. 

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  1. What a fun category! I LOVE the fair poster. As a CA dweller myself I may just have to pick one up.