Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer Garden Lovin'

Isabeau cruising through the pumpkin patch

We had to cage the starts so the deer and chickens didn't destroy them.  Now they won't/can't be contained.

The corn has started to tassle and produce silk.  This is further along the corn growing process than we had  achieved last year at this time, so I am very excited! 
The potatoes next to the corn is an extremely happy crop.  To the right of the corn I planted some California Cow Peas, aka, black eyed peas.

I am waiting for the beans to produce more pods, but right now, there are a few of the Rattlesnake Pole Beans.

Right in the middle of all the beans, a pumpkin was accidently planted.  It is doing great, but it has choked out a few of the struggling bush beans I had planted.  Again, this pumpkin is doing better than any of the pumpkin starts from last year.  We have squash blossoms galore, and I am starting to think I should pluck a couple of them, stuff them and fry them up.

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