Saturday, July 16, 2011

Deworming the Chickens

I noticed something very unappetizing when I was on poop duty that led me to deworming the chickens;  I don't really feel the need for a detailed description here.  Taylor dosed their water back on July 6th and we haven't been consuming the eggs since then.  About four more days and that will be the two week mark and we can enjoy the fresh, daily eggs.  We have noticed that all the chickens have put weight on since we dosed them.  We are keeping the chickens in their run while the medication works on them, and that means that they don't have run of the 3/4 acre hillside they like to strut around.  Their main food is the feed we have for them and they aren't expending all their energy walking around, pecking around for bugs and little rocks. Also, their eggs look bigger and the shells look more smooth.  Once we are done with the deworming process, I think we will keep them in their run for the majority of the day, and then let them out into the rest of the yard for the last couple of hours.  Their run gives them plenty of room, more than enough in fact.  I still like the idea of giving them a few hours of no fences.

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