Monday, July 4, 2011

The Tomatoes Are Coming! The Tomatoes Are Coming!

We planted four different types of heirloom tomatoes, all started from seed:  Jasper Violet, Roma, Arkansas Traveler, and Moneymakers.  I also bought my mom an heirloom Italian Beefsteak.  With the temperatures soaring through the nineties these past weeks, the fruit is starting to bloom and the excitement is growing!

We used every planting vessel possible when we transplanted our tomatoes back in April.  We used terra cotta pots, glazed pots, plastic 20 gallon pots, and even an old basket we used for hauling wood.

We planted mom's Italian Beefsteak in a half wine cask, and as you can see, it is the biggest and happiest of all the tomato plants. 

Violet Jasper


From above, here is the tomato experiment on the lower deck.  They are all planted in empty plastic oil jugs that Taylor brought home from work.

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