Thursday, July 7, 2011

And The Winner Is...

Hi All!  Taylor here.  Mary is working today and I have off so I offered to update her blog for her.  So as she may have mentioned before the Marin county fair had a backyard compost competition this year and we entered a bucket of our very own stuff.  Here's a pic of our system in action.  The wooden thing on the left most U is sifting crib I built recently to reduce the particle size down to 1/2" pieces, pretty cool huh?

We expected a nice honorable mention or maybe a participation ribbon for our $2 entry fee and effort.  But guess what?!  WE WON!!  Not only did we take first place for backyard composting but we even won Best In Show for the whole division!  Best In Show!!

Mary Pleased As Punch
  Obviously we were totally surprised but extremely happy we did so well.  We intend to display our ribbons proudly just above our shovels and rakes in the garden shed :)  Here's a pic of the winning bucket.

Black Gold, Baby!


  1. congrats!

    i noticed you posted a comment on my blog some time ago and i'm just checking yours out.
    looks like a wonderful setup.

    the other riverdale farm

  2. Thanks Kaite, it was a great feeling after all of our hard work. It was kind of silly, I mean really, we won Best in Show for our dirt, but awesome nonetheless.