Friday, September 16, 2011

Our Tomato Harvest

We have been watching our 19 tomato plants go crazy with fruit this last month and we finally decided to harvest the first batch of tomatoes and make and can some tomato sauce.  We got the recipe out of The Joy of Cooking, which is like our culinary I Ching.  Taylor was really into this recipe because it only contained six ingredients: tomatoes, onions, garlic, basil, marjoram, and parsley.  And because tomatoes are high in acidity, we didn't have to can the sauce in a pressure cooker, just a boiling water bath to get them to seal properly.  I am in love with this sauce because you really get the flavor of the Jasper Violets, which are my favorite variety this year.

Heirloom Italian Beefsteak


Jasper Violets

Mix of Arkansas Travelers and Money Makers

Our tasty haul!

Master Tomato Sauce Maker


  1. I'm so excited about this recipe for canning. Simple recipes highlight the produce and this will make a great gift. Hooray. I also wrote down the Jasper Violets for my garden next spring. Thanks!

  2. I can post the exact recipe if you don't have access to The Joy of Cooking. And you won't be sorry with the Jasper Violets, such an amazing flavor. Just don't be surprised when they only grow to the size of cherry tomatoes, maybe a little bigger.