Sunday, April 3, 2011

Planting Day!

We planted about 85% of our starts today on this shiny, warm Sunday afternoon.  It felt so wonderful to get my hands dirty and work with Taylor in the garden.  We had already planted the Silver Queen corn about a week and a half ago, and luckily, it made it through the torrential downpour.  Next to the corn is a row of beets, that unfortunately, I don't think made it through the pseudo-typhoon last week.  After that are four bean poles that we made out of some extra stakes we found under the house, and what will grow up those are three different types of pole beans.  Then comes the carrots, then the two different types of lettuce, and ending off with two different types of chard.  I am feeling very optimistic about this year's harvest, and I even said a little prayer/incantation/whatever over the dirt before we planted.  Here's to the vegetables!!

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