Friday, April 15, 2011

Container Garden

Taylor started bringing home these empty plastic containers that his restaurant gets it's canola oil in.  We decided to use them for all the starts that we couldn't fit in the garden.  We started with all the different tomato plant varieties we had starting, then I planted the "mystery" starts.  I accidentally forgot to label the seeds that I planted in the starters and we had no idea what was coming up.  So I planted them the other day, and unfortunately, it took the chickens all of two days to come up onto the deck and scratch through the top soil of compost looking for worms.  Now I will never now what any of those starts were, as the chickens destroyed them.  The picture is a nice memory of what it looked like before the carnage.  It's okay though, I planted some new seeds a few days ago and will use these bins for those starts when they are ready to be transplanted.  I will also be using some of the extra fencing I have in the garage to fashion out a restricted and safe area for the plants, away from my resourceful birds.
The tomatoes are in the forefront of the picture, next to the container of garlic that we planted almost 8 months ago.  The mystery starts were along the railing, but they are no more.

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