Monday, April 25, 2011

Dereliction of my duties

With everything going on here on our little homestead, I have accidentally dropped the ball on a major component of our life here, the compost.  I haven't been adding the kitchen scraps to the build pile the way I should be.  I've been throwing the used coffee grinds down the drain, knowing they should go in the compost bucket I leave in the kitchen.  I've allowed the compost bin, which compiles the weekly kitchen scraps out on the back deck, to grow into some funky science project and now has an ecosystem of it's own going on.  Either way, I have fallen down on the compost duties, and need to pick it up.  So, today I am heading down to the local grocery store that gives me their "bad" produce and cuttings, over to a few coffee joints to collect some coffee grinds, and I am going to come home and pump that build pile with more nitrogen than it's seen in a while.  Good thing Taylor and I did a bunch of yard work last week, because I have the "brown" material to match the "green".  Sorry compost, it won't happen again.

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