Friday, March 18, 2011

With rain comes the sludge

I have been loving all this rain we have been getting.  It's making everything super green and lush on the hillside, the apple tree is coming back and enjoying a good drink, and the local reservoirs are about to start spilling over.  It's wonderful, except for one small little detail, the huge puddles of water in the chicken's run, which mixes with their poop and mud, and turns to sludge.  I don't think I can explain just how disgusting it is to watch them drink out of their poopy puddles, but I've talked to other chicken people and they say that it's normal and it won't kill them.  It may not kill them but it's grossing me out!  Anyways, thank you Talaya, Mari, Inanna, which ever goddess of rain you would like to thank for all this wonderful rain, despite the poopy, sludgy situation my chickens find themselves in.

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