Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring is coming!

Things have been pretty quite on the property lately.  The chickens are growing day by day, and we are eagerly awaiting one of the Red Stars to start laying.  The flock has bonded and works together as a cohesive group and there doesn't seem to be any more harassment towards the new chickens by the older ones.  Although, Juniper does like to remind the others that she is no longer on the bottom of the pecking order, nor will she ever be again.

I will be heading back up to Bee Kind on the 26th to check out a free class on how to install the package bees I will be picking up in April.  I will also be buying the second hive box at that time as well, giving Taylor and I sufficient time to set up both hives.

I am enjoying all the sub jobs I have been getting, telling students all around Marin about the chickens and our garden and all the things we plan to do.  

As for our vegetable garden, our starts have been growing slowly in our makeshift greenhouse and hopefully we will be able to plant in a week or two.  I turned the dirt in the garden plot and found the fallow ground to be fertile and ready for action.  I can't wait!

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