Tuesday, March 1, 2011

EarthWorms Beware!

Big Spoon's latest discovery is the plenitude of earthworms that live in the compost piles.  When I was raising earthworms last summer, as an experiment to learn something new, I eventually released them into the garden and compost piles.  I think vermiculture, feeding earthworms your kitchen scraps as a way to compost, is useful for people who can't have larger composting systems, but since we were able to set those up, keeping the worms just didn't make sense after a while.  So, we set the thousands of little red wigglers free, and they set out to inhabit our garden soil and compost piles, that was, until Big Spoon set her sights upon them.  Now she roves the grounds, searching for compost piles to pilfer, and Soupy and Stella have learned from her example and follow suit. 

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