Monday, October 10, 2011

The Tomatoes Just Keep On Coming

We  have done two major harvests off the tomato plants, and the fertile plants just keep going and producing fruit.  We have made and canned two batches of tomato sauce, each batch yielding around 10-12 pints.  We made and canned some green tomato pickles, yielding around 8 half pints.  We are now facing a fourth harvest of both ripe tomatoes and another batch of greenies.  We have saved the seeds off of the most impressive tomatoes so we can revisit this sweetness next summer.  All in all, our tomatoes, which were planted straight into 100% homemade compost, have surpassed my expectations both on quantity level and sheer life span.  As our nights are getting cooler and our days are growing shorter, I can see their lives coming to end soon, but for now, I will continue to bask in the delicious glory of our tomato plants.

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