Monday, October 10, 2011

New Kids On The Block

We decided that we wanted to add a few chickens to our flock.  We have been very happy with our 7 laying girls, but we built the coop and run to hold the legal limit, which is 12 chickens.  We found a local farm, Just Struttin' Farms, and went over to check out what she was selling.  I was totally overwhelmed by the sheer variety of the birds.  I happy to see such clean and well-maintained conditions, and I knew that we were going to get healthy birds.  We chose a Leghorn, because we wanted to add a large white egg to the clutch.  She looks exactly like our Leghorn/Delaware mix, except Big Spoon, the o.g. of our flock, has one black feather in her mix and she lays a cream colored egg.  Next we picked up the most beautiful Golden Laced Wyanodette.  Her coloring is absolutely gorgeous as she looks like she has black feathers with brown tips.   And the third girl we picked up is a Silver Laced Pencil Rock, and she has the most amazing black and white geometric markings.  (Pictures coming soon.)

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